I wish you could see these in person. 
On May 19 we staged a photo session for the catalog. 
But these are 7 feet tall with 3-dimensional textures 
that no photo could capture.
Nevertheless, here are 11 panels on a 40 ft. wall.
We threw discarded shoes in front 
to echo shoes left behind
in the Holocaust, in slavery, 
and in journeys to salvation 
throughout history around the world.
On a separate wall 
we grouped 3 of the panels 
where children grasp at ropes.
More refugees will join them 
before this exhibit opens locally Sept. 24 
and even more will come after that. 
I figure on another year building “Sanctuary” 
as the crises continue around the world.
A scale model shows 
the panels on a chain link fence 
so viewers would walk beside them.
Each inch equals one foot
So the walls are around 8” tall
and this 5 1/2-inch doll 
gives a sense of perspective
I wish you could have.
New people next month – watch this space!
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