These little girls try so hard for you to accept them
holding “Hi” and smiley signs
that belie the worry on their faces.

Perched against a painted wall, bare feet dangling,
they are the greeters welcoming you to Sanctuary Part 3.
They appeared as sketches in Sanctuary Part One,
but look at the difference since I freed them 
from the canvas and gave them legs with pants!
The “wall” behind them is re-purposed too
from this abstract painting made years ago.
This is how the canvas drapes behind the wall.

The reclaimed materials reflect a theme throughout Sanctuary:
value everyone and everything.


This family just arrived…
…with a mother’s anguish…
…and her quickly stuffed suitcase
spewing whatever clothes she could grab.
(It’s another rescued element: my battered handbag.)
She holds a roll of film but it has no pictures.
Did she plan to photograph her home before it was gone?
Or is she keeping it for a future she doesn’t know?
Another salvaged painting forms the roof of her tent,
torn and weathered like her.
But they’re safe now. They’ve arrived
in Sanctuary.