While Sanctuary Part One continues at Gallery 825 until Dec. 4 –

I keep working on Part Three including this big drawing.
Yeah, it’s invisible if you’re reading on your phone
but it’s 6 feet wide and 5 feet high 
so please come see it in January!
Not quite an homage to Pieter Breugel’s 
“Children’s Games” painted in the year 1560…
…still this drawing is rich with details of daily life.
Remember these two little girls?
Now they will greet visitors to Part Three.
Drawing them in the landscape is a wink to “meta” reality.
Within Sanctuary Part Three, a symbolic clinic honors 
Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres),
for which the show will raise funds.
I made this collage of their posters for the clinic tent.
Figures line up for the doctors, including this kneeling dad.
Anyone who ever held a screaming infant will recognize this face.
This older couple waits in line.
I love his tenderness supporting her.
Lying inside the clinic, a patient wears a mask we recognize now.
She was the first walker when I started Part One in 2018.
But her face is bas relief, not drawn, and I decided to draw instead
so I set her aside.
And now she’s revived 3 years later in Part Three.

Meanwhile, Part One is still up at Gallery 825  
open by appointment: (310) 652-8272