She wants to be pretty
in her necklace,
8 months pregnant,
laden with what matters
under her open hand:
her toothbrush and an old toy
for the baby
or herself.
She has no shoes but she’ll keep walking
to deliver the baby
in sanctuary.
He’s saying it will be better.
There are doctors where they’re going.
Her clasped hands
balance a bag of her dreams
with a map of the whole world.
Above the scenes
a baby’s brow is furrowed
as it drinks its bottle.
Beneath this child, the coffee bean bag
These are the final travelers for the installation at:
MuzeuMM Gallery
4817 W. Adams Blvd
Los Angeles 90016
Reception: Jan. 19 from 4 to 8 PM.
It’s a preview, around half of the 40 ft. exhibit you can see next fall.
The next blog in late January will show many of these installed!