As I begin Sanctuary Part 3
“shelter” attains a deeper meaning 
as we shelter in place 
and think of those who have no shelter.
 I always start with a rough charcoal sketch…
…later refined with chalk.
The child’s emotion looking up at his mother 
comes through the first sketch…
…later expanded on a scrap of raw linen.
This is a full sketch of the woman before adding… 
…her arms and hands. 
The armature is cardboard from paper towel rolls,
echoing the plain, essential needs of survivors,
humble materials… 
… clothed with the basic raw linen.
I attached the figures to structural beams 
wrapped with the same burlap and twine as in the rafts.
Nothing is fancy: That’s duct tape on a cardboard box.
The roof is made of used coffee bean bags,
the same as walking figures carried in Part One.
At the end, I added pottery for food
so they can shelter here.