It took 4 weeks, 8 hours a day even through the heat wave
to make the 36-foot mural that will hang behind the tents 
in Sanctuary Part Three.
Finally I spread out the mural in my driveway.
Seen from the far side, that’s me on the distant ladder.
I was relieved because…
…this is my funky outdoor studio
and I couldn’t see the two 18’ sides together until now.
The table in the center is 3 feet by 7 feet 
(an old screen door on horses)
so the canvas crunches on the ground as I move it.
Here’s a finished detail about 4 feet wide.
The sky is acrylic and pastel, the top mountains are pastel,
the bottom foreground is found objects and plant pieces, and…
…the “mountains” in mid-range are stapled creases of canvas.
The only way to drag each half
from the driveway back to the workspace
was to wear it as a cape.
Here goes the second 18 foot cape.
Yay! The mural is done until Sanctuary Part Three 
hangs in January with the entire series!!!

Please join me (virtually or in person) for upcoming shows –
Sanctuary Part Two (the rafts) will be exhibited from Oct. 6 to Oct. 31
At TAG Gallery, 5458 Wilshire Blvd., LA 90036.
Appointments are available by calling (310) 829-9556.

AND Sanctuary Part One has a solo show
at Gallery 825 from Oct. 31 to Dec. 4.