Now come the men in this installation

carrying their children

to sanctuary.

This father will kneel on the gallery floor,

baggage on his back,

enfolding his child…

…both of them screaming.

His hands clutch the baby 

as its hand grabs onto him.

His watch stopped at 5:59 

when the guards took away his child…

…who dropped this toy dog.

The next man’s story is in his face

(drawn in charcoal and pastel on raw canvas

like most figures in this series).

He carries his daughter

wrapped in one of the burlap bags

used throughout this installation.

She’s cradled in his hands.

Her slim fingers hold the rough blanket 

as if it might protect her

But at the bottom of the canvas

he stands behind a barrier 

of jagged metal wires.

Will he find a way to bring her through

or is he handing her over 

for someone else to take 

to sanctuary?

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