INSTALLED! Finally, all of SANCTUARY can be seen
from Jan. 20 to Feb. 13 at TAG Gallery.

These installation photos by LA Art Documents
give you just a glimpse of Part 3. 
Entering the rooms at the back, these two girls greet you.
Notice the white footprints on the floor.
They walk all the way from the front door
suggesting the journey of the refugees.
The canvas behind the girls is an abstract painting.
“Mama Holds Up the World” frames the theme
on the opposite wall amidst bark and discarded bottles.
Behind people warming their hands in a shelter
you can see the background mural 
and the abstract painting that forms their roof.
Beside it, a child in a pink hoodie
watches her mother hold her face in her hand.
What can they do?
Next to them sits this barefoot man
with a one-room school in the background. 
Some of the school-children seen closer.
The other half of the room is a clinic
where these patients wait for help from
Doctors Without Borders
for which the show aims to raise funds.

This brief tour is only a hint of a huge display
filling 4 rooms in 5,000 sq ft.

Please visit if you can or join the zoom talks
 Thursdays 1/28, 2/4, 2/11 at 3 PM:

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