SANCTUARY has always been symbolic.
Yes, it’s about the journey of refugees
but now we are all undone
in the winds of revolution.

Amidst the passion and action of protests…
…this traditional woman
only wants to protect her children.
She keeps her daughters in traditional clothes,
safely home she believes.
But this little boy loves his Lakers shirt,
proof that heroes who jump so high
they almost fly are possible,
somewhere he’s never seen.
And this kid, 7 or 8, is outta here
as soon as he’s old enough.
Mama won’t be able to stop him.
Or protect him. 
Making this piece involved a dress pattern.
Here it is on my studio table, ready for the backing.
The final piece is a cube, 3ft x 3ft x 3 ft. 
It represents the perfect balance 
this woman desperately wants 
to shelter her family.
The second piece in June is “on series.”
SANCTUARY is a multi-part installation. 
Though I post individual structures 
this laundry place inhabits a context …
…where little girls…
…may seem hopeful.
The “water” is a painting on silk
re-purposed from my 2014 series,
and the metal ring came from a rotted wooden barrel.
I found the net in an alley.
It’s hung with clothes from a give-away bag.
The floor is used coffee bean burlap.
And with these humble materials
daily life goes on.
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