The second shelter in Sanctuary Part 3
is a refuge made of sticks and burlap 
like the simple hug we all need now.
This man emerged from charcoal 
and my job is to make him a place.
He waits on my workshop table
above the coffee bean bags on the floor.
I bent sticks with twine to make the arch of the shelter.
It’s drying on my back fence.
The structure is designed with duct tape on used cardboard. 
(The finished version is on foam core for strength).
Now he’s home.
For the next shelter in May
I found paintings from my 2013 Fire series…
…reinterpreted now for refugees needing warmth. 
Also from years ago I found an abstract canvas
that didn’t fit any other project.
The flip side of that canvas was always red
and now it reflects the fire in a habitat.
The tent was constructed with foam core 
and a found metal pipe.
The paintings are positioned.
And the canvas is draped as a roof.
Flame tea-lights illuminate the people 
in their finished home.
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