Please join me for a year-long journey

to “Sanctuary,” my 2019 series.

This one is different.

Previous shows had individual pieces.

Now a single 40-foot installation

will arise from many components.

Refugees seeking sanctuary compel this work.

The 2 and 3-dimensional figures

with their rough harvest sacks

will extend from the wall

on canvas draped ceiling to floor.

Moving along the wall,

the effect is immersion

as witnesses to the journey,

and also as seekers

as we walk beside the travelers.

The installation will hang in layers.

Furthest back are small silhouettes

peeking out at the top.

In front on the bottom

are the largest figures like

“Meditation on a Bird’s Nest.”

Each month I’ll post more

as they evolve to 20 or more figures

each carrying their valuables

— a honeycomb, a nest, a doll, a bowl –

to wherever they will find sanctuary.

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