After the Sanctuary installation ended in February
the voices continued.

So I began their “journals” 
with paraphrases inspired by actual memories.

I stained thick Arches paper with coffee and charcoal
to reflect the resilient grit of the refugees 
and folded the paper to make the front and back 8.5” x 11”
and a centerfold 11” x 17” = 3 images each page.

These are the first 9 steps of what will be a long journey.
“How could a girl like me reach the other side of the world
where all dreams are possible?”
“I looked at the horizon, searching
for a measure of peace in the hills.”
“My hands helped me not to cry.”
“Mom said don’t run around.
If you get lost we will never find you.”
(This is how a stained centerfold looks before the drawing.)
“It was gone – my home, my life, all of it –
Nothing but rubble, nothing but dust.”
“There was no help coming.”
Screaming. Someone was screaming
Get out get out get out get out get out get out
“We thought we would go back.
That was years ago.”
“Even today I can see the ashes falling.”


(Spoiler: The people will make it in the end.)
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