My work came off the wall this year in a visceral response to current political forces, a refusal to be repressed.

Now BIONIC ANGEL — part nature and part metal – is a woman taking wing while echoing a crucifixions pose. IDOL is a force of nature that holds out her oversized hands. PILGRIMMAGE commemorates the Women’s Marches with bronzed shoes on rugged bark. I talk about the deeper meanings of these and other 2018 pieces in my blog. Please visit if you can:

In previous work, IN A DARK TIME THE MIND BEGINS TO SEE is a scream of women on layers of transparent plexiglass, as is WITNESS that uses mirrors. sawblades and drawing. THE PULSE OF OUR TIME and LETTING GO follow EKG rhythms, as our hearts clench.

Other mixed-media work – MESSAGE FROM THE DEEP and WHICH FUTURE DO YOU SEE comment on environmental assault.

Each series risks an experimental approach. I explore both the substrate: rice paper, silk, canvas, wood, plastics, mirrors — and the tools: inks, stains, paint, charcoal, wire, string, machine parts. From abstract to figurative, and from painting to assemblage and sculpture, the works question what is real while commenting on our current time.