In my new series “Sanctuary” 
life-size figures cover the wall, draped ceiling to floor. 
They are parents and children seeking refuge 
formed by drawing and sculpture on raw canvas. 
To me, this large work is an attempt 
to avow the power of refugees 
in their pilgrimage to sanctuary.
First, a 60 ft. installation of the migrant figures 
is scheduled for a solo show in fall 2019. 
Next, I will expand the installation 
to add a chain link fence 
where the panels will hang 
and add more figures and artifacts.
This is a multi-year project that keeps evolving.
Materials include: raw canvas, charcoal, pastel, 
clay, rope, sticks, and coffee bean bags 
gathered from all over the world
and a chain link fence.
The effect should be immersion 
as witnesses to the journey, 
but also as seekers along the way 
as we walk beside the travelers.