A baby refugee drifted on a raft 
of bulrushes that grew along the Nile
in the Old Testament tale of Moses.
Well, bulrush grasses also grow in L. A. yards
where I found them, reminding me
simplicity can be strong.
This raft has only the shoes left by a child…
and the lush crowns of grass that remain.
Sanctuary Part Two is nearly complete
so I made a model of the gallery
where the rafts will be exhibited in July.
The scale is ½ inch = 1 foot.
The width represents 40 feet.
Of course these little stacks with blurry photos
can’t express the experience.
But the model showed me an area at the back
around 20 ft. wide and 10 feet deep
where the final element will go:
Capsized rafts.
Someone told me to make smiling happy people.
I do hope those traveling by water arrive at a sanctuary.
But some don’t. 
These 3 figures will be a small part of the capsized section,
faces down, their arms sunk into black fabric
that will cover the gallery floor like water.
Beyond them other figures will be pulled out of the sea
onto new rafts next month.
The rescues will be here soon!